Foie gras is an expensive product, which is why it is important to choose only the foie that meets all quality criteria. That is why we at De Veurn'Ambachtse opt for foie gras of max. 500/600gr. These are firmer in structure and have a nicer even color. In addition, we purchase directly from our partners in Hungary and France. This way we guarantee a high-quality and tasty product.

 Foie Gras specialiteitenFoie Gras spécialités 
9200Verse Ganzenlever cat. 1Foie gras frais 
9201Verse Ganzenlever gepareerdFoie gras frais nettoyé 
9142Foie Gras d'oie PrestigeFoie Prestige0,5 kg
9205Voorgesneden FoieFoie précoupé60 gr
9144Foie gras met patta negraFoie gras patta negra0,5 kg
9146Foie gras met patta negra voorgesnedenFoie gras patta negra précoupé60 gr
9145Foie gras met truffelsFoie gras truffel0,5 kg
9147Foie gras met truffels voorgesnedenFoie gras truffel précoupé60 gr
9148Verse Foie CanardFoie canard frais 
9141Canard PrestigeCanard Prestige0,5 kg
9149Voorgesneden CanardCanard précoupé60 gr
Also available to order: Foie Gras prestige or parfait with truffle salsa, gingerbread, figs...