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Carmen Missiaen

In the year 2000 De Veurn’Ambachtse bought the property adjacent to its’ factory, this building had previously been a bank. Carmen was educated in the two renowned  Belgian Hotel schools, Spermalie and Koksijde. Benefitting from this education we decided to create a small restaurant and shop. Carmen and Jan are the welcoming committee and run the restaurant, while Joris and Rita are to be found in the kitchen and are responsible for the preparation, cooking and presentation of the food. The team at 't Potje Pate strive to offer the best service. The original concept was, and still is, to introduce our quality products (that we have been making in our workshop since 1980 that include over 50 types of pâtés, terrines, brawn, bully beef, foie gras and rillets) to a larger audience. As our knowledge and creativity increased we were able to offer a greater range of meals made with our own products. For the menus of  ‘t Potje Paté we use the same vision as in our patéfactory, namely being creative with local quality goods and homemade products in order to make our gastronomic delicacies such as foie gras, veal neck glands (sweetbreads), veal kidneys, duck breast, pork jowls and steaks. Everything is homemade and freshly prepared! As you can see, we take great care in our menu and everything is checked from A to Z. For each and every item on the menu the base products are of upmost importance. These have to be both of top quality and to be sourced locally. In between the commercial workshop and our restaurant 't Potje Paté has a small and cosy Paté shop. Our Pate shop is open to the general public, but is also a supplier to the catering trade, be that hotels, restaurants or wholesale.    

In the kitchen

Joris Missiaen 

The menu of 't Potje Paté is my evolution in the kitchen. A constant search forperfect products, matching and combining different ingredients, new innovative cooking techniques that are used  in a good and wholesome way. "My search for Perfection" and very important learning from mistakes.... My taste, My vision!

The place to be for foodies!

On the menu of 't Potje Paté the products of our own workshop are central. Of course our workshop supplies our own restaurant! With our own products I try to be creative in a simple way. Showing the customers that you can make fine but especially delicious dishes with top local products. Encourage people to buy our products at the local butcher or in the local corner shop and to get started in their own kitchens. Also to encourage other restaurants and colleagues to use products close to home in the future!

The best chefs are those who can conjure the most fantastic dishes with their own local products. 

A rich assortment of The Veurn'Ambachtse on a unique menucard of the 't Potje Paté

Next to the rich assortment of patés, foie gras, rillettes, bolle beef and potjesvlees, the menu is full of dishes that radiate personality and deserve a place next to our own products! Weekly the duck breasts with the foie gras are imported, jowls are slowly prepared, sweetbreads perfectly cooked, kidneys that melt in the mouth, ox and pigmeat are only from animals that are breed with love.

Fresh meat

The fresh meat is ripened for a several weeks!  By ripening wonderful things happen inside the meat. The bond of protein changes and under influence of enzymes the chains becomes shorter and the meat tender while the taste deepens.

Old authentic dishes

't Potje Paté stands for the rediscovery of  traditional products and gastronomy! That is why I took the lead to establish the “Orde van ons Potjesvlees” !

Traditional methods are used with authentic products in order to protect our wares, we are constantly upgrading with the final purpose to achieve European recognition.



From the web:

Looking for a "good regional meal" on the West Coast of Flanders, we followed a golden hint: go to the small, nice and quiet village of Alveringem. At the square, near the well-known St. Audomarus church, you'll find a small restaurant called "'t Potje Paté' " which can be best translated as "small pot of pork pastry". Yet, what they call small here, is quite big: around 1/2 kg.

They also have a "small pot of beer" here, which you can see depicted to the left. That is a regional white beer, fresh, a bit sour and hoppy.

The menu card has also a regional character, using local terms like "schelle van 't zwien", which means a slice of bacon.

Most people coming to the "café" opt for the pastry dish, which you can see depicted on the picture below to the left:

farmer's pastry (made in the traditional way we ourselves knew 60 years ago), baked potatoes, salad, rendered lard (the old "farmer's white butter") and three comfits of cranberry, onion and mayonnaise.

They usually serve brown "monk's beer" Prior with this dish, as you can see on the picture. We opted for the patron's red wine, wince we had beer as an aperitif. Afterwards, we concluded that we had better taken the brown beer.

Looking at the picture, one certainly comes with the question: can you eat it all? For most pastry lovers, the answer is no. But that's no problem: the client gets the white pot with whatever is left, wrapped in a plastic bag, and can take it home.

That's what we did too, and we enjoyed the pastry at home, with brownn toast, a rucola salad and a fine rosé wine - which added its fruity acid to smoothen the grease of the wonderful paté.

They have a website, where they explain the history and the philosophy of the Missiaen family:

"Jan Missiaen belongs to the fifth generation of a butcher's family. 25 years ago, we write 1980, the meat-products atelier "De Veurn'Ambachtse" was founded in Alveringem. From the first day onwards, it was the intention to work in an artisanal way. So, instead of using industrial production methods, only artisanal procedures are used."

Our visit simply proved the truth of this statement.