Since 1980

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A short biography

Jan Missiaen is the 5th generation in our line of family butchers.

Great great grandfather Clement Missiaen began with the first butchers in the small west Flemish village of Werken. 

In 1980  “De Veurn’ Ambachste” started its’ meat products workshop in Alveringem.  From day one, our family decided to use only traditional methods to make our products. Therefore instead of using new industrial techniques, only traditional methods have been used.

The same philosophy is adhered to where our products are concerned. During the preparation of our ‘delicacies’ only fresh and natural ingredients are used. Artificial colouring and preservatives are forbidden in any of our delicious “De Veurn’Ambachste” patés and other products. Only by tasting can one really appreciate and enjoy the quality of traditionally prepared products.  

In 2000, De Veurn’Ambachste expanded with the opening of our resto 't Potje Paté. This has become a byword and indeed home for many people to come and sample the gastronomic delights of  't Potje Paté.  

 "De Veurn'Ambachtse" delicacies, are naturally more than just that .
Next door to 't Potje Paté you will find the Paté shop, where you can find the complete assortment of  "De Veurn'Ambachtse", including many patés made with Belgian Beers.

2002 was a fantastic year! Manager Jan Missiaen was chosen as manager of the year by a local jury in West-Flanders and also as a finalist in Brussels. A reward for the life work of Jan Missiaen and his wife Rita Depuydt!

2004 - De Veurn’Ambachtse made a big effort to become even more specialised. Following the adoption of the company Vantrois, the range of 

products was extended  to include culinair quality products such as Foie Gras, mousses and rillettes. To enable us to accomodate this increased output a new production line for sterilised patés and Foie gras was created.

2006 -We became the first patéproducer in Belgium who has the label of “erkend streekproduct” (accredited regional product).
The VLAM granted this label to VEURN' AMBACHTSE Ouderwetschen boerenpaté (old fashioned farmers paté).

2008 - our  Potjesvlees (brawn) also was awarded the honour of being a ‘accredited regional product’!

2009 - during the Meat and Fresh Expo 2009 one of our dishes won the "Innovation award"!

2010  - we celebrated 30 years of the meat factory De Veurn' Ambachtse and 10 years restaurant  't Potje Paté!
2010 is also the year that we won a culinary contest "Best Belgian Beer Bite" with local products! 

In 2012 Carmen en Joris were selected as "role models" in the Westhoek, role model means recognition, because they give a positive promotion for the region!

Also in 2012 Joris became a new member of  “De Ghesellen van de Kastelnij Veurne”. 
This is a second recognition for his work and prominence in our region!

In 2014 Joris became a knight in  the " Confrerie Eversam"  again a big honour and recognition in the region!

"Potjesvlees uit de Westhoek" receives EU protection as a quality food product - Protected Geographical Indication – PGI.

Belgian "Potjesvlees uit de Westhoek" is a slightly sour preparation made of 3 types of white meats (chicken, veal and rabbit) in light jelly. Based on a household recipe used originally for the summer fairs dishes, Potjevlees is now produced throughout the year by local butchers in the Westhoek, part of the West Flanders near Belgian coast.